Top Ten Tips On College Cafeteria Etiquette

10.  Take smaller bites to make sure you are actually eating food.

9.  Eat with your mouth closed to keep all toxic fumes inside. 

8.  Don't make strange faces at the cafeteria workers serving the food, they may give you extra portions of the leftover food from last week.

7.  Always return your tray and silverware to its proper place; don't be a slob.

6.  If the food moves on your plate, for goodness sakes, don't eat it. Give it to the biology department to run tests on the food.

5.  If the food was good, leave a tip. If the food was bad, just leave.

4.  Eat, drink, and be cautious while eating cafeteria food. 

3.  Demanding a refund for the cafeteria food is not part of your tuition plan.

2.  Protesting for better food inside the cafeteria is not good for business.

1.  Never say the words "food fight" in the cafeteria. 

Marky Mac

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