Top Ten Reasons College Students Give Their College Professors For Not Having Their Homework 

10. "Someone stole my textbook, and I'm not going to buy another one."

9.  "The lights at my dorm room went out last night, and they didn't come back on until this morning."

8.  "An UFO appeared over my house last night and beamed me up. I didn't return until this morning."

7.  "Gee, we had homework? I was asleep for most of the class period."

6.  "My mom told me that I didn't have to do my homework if I didn't want to."

5.  "I ran out of notebook paper, and my favorite store was closed."

4.  "My pet goat ate my homework."

3.  "I came to college to party, not to do homework."

2.  "'South Park' was on, and I didn't want to miss any of the excitement."

1.  "Homework is for suckers, man!!

Marky Mac

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