Having a college roommate can be fun, exciting, and challenging. But if you really want to have some fun with your roommate, here's what you should do........

Start the day by laughing a lot, then tell your roommate "Don't worry, be happy." Sing the song to your roommate.

Take your roommate's underwear and wear it.

Flush the toilet four times after every use.

Donate your roommate's clothes to Goodwill.

Just smile; smile a lot at your roommate.

Tell your roommate that a secret admirer called, but you can't remember what was said.

Hide your roommate's clothes after laundry day.

Get up in the middle of the night, wake up your roommate, and pretend to be sleep walking.

Stare at the ceiling in your room while your roommate is there. Tell your roommate that you see something that is quite interesting.

Eat with your mouth wide open when your roommate is around.

Sprinkle itching powder on your roommate's bed sheets. 

Eat food that you know you didn't buy and then tell your roommate you don't know what happened to it. - submitted by Tomeka B., Columbus State U.

Change their FaceBook or MySpace profile.

Marky Mac