Assignment R.E.A.D.

The art of reading now has a lovable, cartoon spokesperson to help motivate young kids on the joys and pleasures of reading. Markus J. McDuffin, also known as "Marky Mac," is the self-proclaimed "Ambassador of Good Reading." Just like other cartoon characters and icons are used to promote ideas and products, one of the main purposes of the "Marky Mac" image is to give young kids something they can associate with in terms of reading.

Okay, enough of the small talk about Assignment R.E.A.D. Let's have some fun. Click on one of the many links on the left side, and enjoy your visit. Your comments are always welcomed, especially from parents and teachers. Always remember Marky Mac's 4 R's: reading, 'riting, 'rithmetic, and recess.

Broaden your vocabulary by visiting Word of the Day - excellent for both kids and adults. 

Teachers, we want to hear from you and for your thoughts to make Assignment R.E.A.D. better.

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