Name  Markus J. McDuffin
Marky Mac
Occupation: Making people smile
Hobbies:  Reading, writing, smiling, giving advice
Memberships:  Book Lovers Club, Cool Sunglasses Club

Greetings! My name is Markus J. McDuffin, but my friends call me Marky Mac. I have curly, black hair and dark, brown eyes, but most of the time you will not see my eyes because I wear my sunglasses constantly.  I wear them not to make a fashion statement; but for just pure enjoyment. 

In a nutshell, I believe in truth, honesty, and integrity. Every person has the ability to achieve his or her goal in life through hard work and determination. One of my favorite quotes, "Every day is a new beginning," gives me courage and inspiration to make any day the best day possible. 

Always remember to smile, regardless if you have a mouth full of teeth or no teeth at all. Smiling makes a difference. Give it a try.  Read what my friends have to say below and enjoy the website.

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