Southern Talk

Southern Talk - Southerners have an interesting way of talking. And since Marky Mac's Place is based somewhere in the South, we dedicate this page to our home land. Below are a few examples:

Instead of saying cake, cake becomes sweet bread down in the South. 

Instead of saying turn off the lights, Southerners say cut off the lights.

Sweet potato pie becomes tater bread.

You all becomes y'all.

A wash cloth becomes a rag. - submitted by wolfe7256

A movie theater becomes a picture show. - submitted by Queen Rasheeda

I guess becomes I reckon in the South. - submitted by nsmith147

No becomes naw in the South. 

Burger King become Burger Kang in the South. - submitted by Emily B.

Anger becomes a hissie fit down in the South. 

A chicken becomes a yardbird down south.